overcome fears and reach your goals

4 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Finally Reach Your Goals

overcome fears and reach your goalsSo many times in life, we put off doing something that we want to do because it is out of our norm or comfort zone, and we downplay taking action with reasonable excuses.

It’s okay to admit it – we all do it! How many of these excuses have you used one of these…

  • “I don’t have the time/money/talent to do this yet”
  • “I’ll do it one day when I’m retired/less busy/in a better position/etc.”

All these excuses sound logical, and we take comfort in the fact that we are telling ourselves that one day, we will take action. But how many people spend their whole lives telling themselves they will go after that dream tomorrow or next month or next year, but never do? 

Once we start believing our excuses, it gets easier to keep coming up with them and we hardly even question ourselves anymore. This applies to both our businesses and personal lives.

But today, I want to talk about how to put an end to this type of excusing so that we can all realize the goals and successes that we desire in our lives!

What have you been putting off?

Perhaps your excuses are professional related. Maybe you have plenty of logical reasons why now is not the right time to start or grow your photography business.

Or maybe it’s something in your personal life – perhaps you’ve always wanted to try ballroom dancing, skydiving, woodworking, martial arts or any other field of interest, but you just pushing it off.

One thing that I have wanted to try for many years is trap shooting

I have done a few different kinds of shooting, but never tried trap because it looked a little intimidating. You shoot with four other people at the same time, so what if I missed one of the clay targets? I was afraid to look foolish in front of experienced shooters.

This is one of the areas that I think holds most of us back…

Trying any new activity when others will be watching can create a lot of fear. No one wants to be laughed at or fall flat on their face, figuratively or literally.

But in the end, what does it matter? If you think about it for a moment, why do you think other people laugh or make negative comments when we try something new?

Could it be because it makes them realize they are not going after their own goals, so seeing you go after yours makes them uncomfortable? Keep in mind that other people’s reactions to you are due to their problems and perspectives, not yours.

Everyone starts at ground zero. Sure, some of us start later than others, but that’s no reason to give up on a dream.

After talking with a few people at the shooting range, all of them encouraged me just to show up for the trap shooting one morning to watch. They said there is always a good bunch of people there, and that someone might even let me try it out.

After a few weeks of thinking about it, I finally decided to show up one Sunday morning. I was a bit nervous driving out there, not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone who would be there.

Turn the fear into excitement

I decided on the way there to let myself be excited that I was finally taking a step towards making this dream a reality. I told myself that the butterflies were just excitement!

Long story short, after introducing myself and explaining that I had never done this before, one of the more experienced shooters let me try and actually gave me tips as I went. I even hit 12 out of 25 clays targets- not bad for my first try.

My Top 4 Ways to stop fear from holding you back:

  1. There’s no shame in admitted that you have never done something before or that you are a novice at it. You never know who will be kind enough to offer some guidance- but that only happens when you’re honest and you put yourself out there. If you pretend that you know what you’re doing, more experienced people will see through it and will be less likely to offer help.
  2. Compete with yourself, not with others. In trap, even though there are five shooters on the line at a time, you really need to just focus on yourself and disregard how the others are doing. Too often we compare our success to the accomplishment of others, which really isn’t important or fair – we have no idea what stage others are at. Instead, compare yourself to how much you are improving every time you practice.
  3. Stop putting things off. Since heading out to the range that morning, I have been enjoying shooting trap on most Sunday mornings. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great new people and to improve at a skill I have always dreamt about.
  4. Take action! The only things that will move your professional or private life forward is taking action. Reading up and educating yourself on a skill or topic is a great way to find out if you are interested in something, but you can only make a dream real by taking that first, decisive action step and building on it from there.

Your challenge:

Think about that passion or interest that you’ve buried or put off for later and take that first step to trying it.

Pick up the phone and schedule that first lesson, or take a ride to that place where your next adventure awaits you. Just think – a year from now, you may be the one helping a novice get their start.

Let us know in the comments what you’re going to commit to trying this week, and check out the resources below for more on this subject!


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