Thank you for stopping by Hobby to Pro Photo! My name is Scott Sylvia, and I’m a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience.

I started Hobby to Pro Photo (HTP) for hobby photographers who are ready to take action on their dream and turn their passion into a profitable business.

At HTP, we’re here to answer many of the common questions that photographers experience when starting and growing their new business, like:

  • “How do I take my love for photography and turn it into a side business?”
  • “What equipment and resources will I need to get my business started?”
  • “How can I grow my side business and turn photography into my full-time career?”
  • “How can I price my photography so that I attract more of my ideal clients and still have maintain work-life balance?”
  • “How can I promote my new business and get my name out into the community?”

So, if you’ve got a love for photography that you’re ready to take to a new level…

You’re in the right place! 🙂

Here’s how Hobby to Pro Photo can help.

I’ve gone through the process firsthand of turning my passion into a full time, six-figure business, and I’ve learned that with a desire to succeed and the right systems in place, you can too.

However, without understanding how to run your business and how to market your brand, it will be almost impossible to create a sustainable business that can run profitably without burning out.

I’ve seen too many new professional photographers undervalue their skill and working too hard for too little pay.

My goal is to help you narrow in on what sets you apart, build the confidence to attract more of the right clients, and provide you with the tools and resources you’ll need to succeed.

I'd love to get you started by giving you our free resources:

First, we have our How to Attract Your Dream Clients workbook. This will take you through figuring out exactly who your ideal client is so you can better reach them and bring them in as clients. Next, we have our How to Price Your Photography Services worksheet, which will take you through how to start creating profitable pricing!




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Scott's Story

Hi! I'm Scott, the Founder of Hobby to Pro Photo. Together with my wife Barbara, I own and operate Scott Sylvia Photography in Warren, Rhode Island. I’ve been running the studio as my full-time career since 1996. I specialize in portraits of high school seniors, children and families, as well as pets.

Like many professional photographers, photography began as a hobby and grew into a passion. The journey all started when my father gave me his old Canon AE-1 35mm film camera. I would walk around the streets of Providence, RI with my camera, photographing the architectural elements of the old buildings.

I began to get more serious about portrait photography when my first daughter, Megan, was born in 1992, followed by her sister, Lauren, in 1993, and I started taking photos of them. This was all before digital cameras and readily available information online, so I would devour every book and magazine I could get my hands on about photography, lighting, composition and dark room techniques.

I signed up for a few photography courses at the local community college, and that further fueled the fire. A turning point for me came when I joined the Rhode Island Amateur Photographers group and began to win ribbons for portraits of my daughters. This is when I realized, that hmm… just maybe I could turn this into a business and make some money on the side (I was working full time at this point as the Production Superintendent at a textile manufacturer).

Soon I was being asked to photograph friends and family members’ children and began to grow my portfolio. In early 1996, I joined the Professional Photographers Association of Rhode Island and used a week of vacation time to attend my first week-long photography seminar at the New England Institute of Professional Photography. It was an exciting and intimidating week, being the newbie and being surrounded by many successful veterans in the photography scene. I headed home formulating how I could transition this passion to a part time job and then maybe take it full time.

However, when I returned to work that Monday, I learned that the business I worked at would be closing its doors forever, and that I was no longer employed. That moment was a blessing in disguise, as I decided this was my opportunity to go full-time with my photography and jump in with both feet! I went from being without a job in May, to booking and photographing six local day-cares by September.

Today, it’s been almost twenty years since I’ve made photography my career, and the changes that have taken place and what we have seen since then have been pretty amazing. Scott Sylvia Photography has experienced booming economies and lived through recessions, witnessed the changing styles of portrait photography, and has become a part of our clients’ lives… many of the recent high school seniors that we photographed in the last few years were the babies that I had photographed at those day-cares at the start of this journey!

Now, I am excited to help those at the beginning of their photography journeys with Hobby to Pro Photo. Ready to get started? Head over to the blog to begin!