How to Get Glowing Testimonials From Your Photography Clients

One question that we get fairly often from our readers is “how can I get my clients to give me (glowing) testimonials?” I added the word “glowing” because average-middle-of-the-road reviews are not going to do much to help bring you clients. Testimonials go a long way towards helping you book more clients and grow your…

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How Thankfulness can Improve Your Photography

How Cultivating Thankfulness Can Help You Become a Better Photographer

What are you thankful for? While photographing a children’s session this week, the child’s mom mentioned that the kids in his kindergarten class did a little art project to help them visualize what they are thankful for. This brought me back to similar projects that I did in school all those years ago. It’s funny…

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How to use PPA's judging guidelines to improve your photography

5 Ways to Use PPA Judging Guidelines to Improve Your Photography

Have you considered putting your photography into a competition for judging? If you’re just starting out, you may need a bit more practice before you to start to compete, but even just sitting in on a print judging or understanding the judging guidelines will open your eyes to the many elements that go into an award-winning…

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improve your photography with critiques

How To Improve Your Photography Through Critiques

One of the best ways that you can improve your skills in photography (or in any endeavor, for that matter!) is to have a personal coach or someone who you can ask for some constructive criticism… …someone that can point out your weak areas and give tips on things that you can improve upon and…

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When photographers put you down

What To Do When Other Photographers Put You Down

As a new or hobby photographer, what do you do when other “professional” photographers try to put you down? Unfortunately, this happens far more often than it should. Like in any industry, some people may be afraid of giving away their “trade secrets,” or they may fear losing out to the competition. We recently received…

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How Can I Charge My Friends for Photography?

In the previous article, I talked about the #1 easiest way to start bringing in photography customers so that you can begin building your portfolio. But when friends and family are your first customers, how do you go about charging for your time, services and products? You will of course have very close friends and…

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Photography Service Pricing Pt 2

Pricing Your Photography Services, Part 2: Estimating Your Revenue and Expenses

Welcome to Part 2 of our 4-Part Pricing Your Photography Services for Success series! If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to start there and come back once you’ve finished. In Part 1, you determined who your ideal client for your photography business will be, and you’ve begun to think about your goals for how…

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Pricing Your Photography Services, Part 1: Determining Your Ideal Client & Goals

Welcome to the first post in a 4-part series on how to price your photography services! ***** The beauty of just starting out with a new venture is that you have a clean slate and can envision exactly how you want your photography business to be perceived. This series, which we’re calling Pricing Your Photography…

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How to find session locations that your clients will love!

How to Find Session Locations That Your Clients Will Love

The more clients enjoy their session, the more likely they are to be happy with their images and spend more with you… …this may sounds obvious, but a big part of really increase the value of your client experience is to offer them locations with scenery that fits their personal style and personality. So today,…

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Photography pricing tips you need to know!

22 Photography Pricing Tips You Need to Know

Do you want your photography business to succeed? Of course you. But if you are basing your photography pricing off your competitors or numbers that just “sound right,” you are setting yourself up for failure! There is a lot that goes into creating pricing for your photography services and products that most new photographers don’t…

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