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Should You Sell Digital Files? 3 Simple Steps to Deciding

Are you confused as to whether or not you should be selling clients a disc of their digital images? If so, you are not alone. This is one of the most hotly contested issues in the industry right now. And honestly, it is an important decision… Selling digital image files can literally make-or-break your photography business!…

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Why slow learners make better photographers

Why Slow Learners Make Better Photographers

In the beginning, I had no idea what I was looking at. Nothing seemed to make any sense, no matter how many times I read it over. I’ll be honest… I felt pretty discouraged. This was supposed to be pretty basic information – shouldn’t I be able to understand it? Do you ever feel like you’re…

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My client forgot to show up! What do I do?

My Client Forgot to Show Up or Came at the Wrong Time! What Do I Do?

Last week’s blog post was about accidentally double booking two clients (see post here). This week, we’re going to take a look at the “flip side” of this. First, what do you do when a client mistakes their session time and shows up unexpectedly? Second, what about when a client forgets they have an appointment…

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I double booked a photography session! What do I do?

I Double-Booked a Photography Session Slot! What Do I Do?

What would you do if you mistakenly double-booked two photography clients for the same session time slot? Do you know how you would handle it? We recently had a member of our Passions To Profits course write to us wondering how to deal with this very situation. He had a high school senior boy that…

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Increase your photography bookings in 5 simples steps with a marketing calendar!

Increase Your Photography Bookings in 5 Steps with a Marketing Calendar

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over… …but before you put away the beach chairs and bathing suits, did you make the most of the summer season by filling it with beach sessions? No matter what season it is when you’re reading this, there is always time to start planning and promoting specials by…

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overcome fears and reach your goals

4 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Finally Reach Your Goals

So many times in life, we put off doing something that we want to do because it is out of our norm or comfort zone, and we downplay taking action with reasonable excuses. It’s okay to admit it – we all do it! How many of these excuses have you used one of these… “I don’t…

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Should I charge high sessions fees and low prices for products, or vice versa?

One of our Backstage Pass members recently posted the following question: “Currently my session fee is high, print price is low. My question is…. Should I lower my session fee to bring them in, then charge high print prices to make up the difference? HELP!” -Tammy N. Over the next week my mind kept going…

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own a photography business

What Would Owning a Photography Business Mean to You?

So, you want to run a photography business of your very own. This is great, and that’s what we’re here for at Hobby to Pro Photo – to help provide you with what you need to do that. But, how badly do you want it? Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?…

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The good, the bad, & the ugly truth about the photography industry

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truths of the Photography Business

The title of one of my favorite Clint Eastwood Westerns sums up my thoughts on the current state of the photography industry pretty well. Industries are evolving quickly, and digital technology has forever changed and disrupted many industries – from music to publishing, news to entertainment and beyond. I once had a bookcase filled with…

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the 5 Stages to becoming a professional photographer

The 5 Stages of Becoming a Professional Photographer

Whether you’re just starting out or having been photographing for years, it can be helpful to identify and understand what stage of the process you’re at. This allows you to better understand what has to be done in order to work your way up to the next level of success as a photographer. At Hobby…

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