Booking Clients with Christmas in July

Booking Summer Clients with “Christmas in July”

Do you think the November/December holiday season is the only time the average person thinks about having a professional portrait made? If so, then, think again! The summertime is a great time to run a promotion to ensure you keep clients coming in the warmer months. Hot Fun in the Summertime Depending on what part…

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Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions- Part 2

Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions: Part 2

In our last post ,  we spoke about finding your target client and which holiday you will be basing your promotion on. Today, it’s time to determine the format for your special session. What type of session should I offer when using a holiday tie in? I like to break down the type of session…

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How to Get Glowing Testimonials From Your Photography Clients

One question that we get fairly often from our readers is “how can I get my clients to give me (glowing) testimonials?” I added the word “glowing” because average-middle-of-the-road reviews are not going to do much to help bring you clients. Testimonials go a long way towards helping you book more clients and grow your…

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Increase your photography bookings in 5 simples steps with a marketing calendar!

Increase Your Photography Bookings in 5 Steps with a Marketing Calendar

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over… …but before you put away the beach chairs and bathing suits, did you make the most of the summer season by filling it with beach sessions? No matter what season it is when you’re reading this, there is always time to start planning and promoting specials by…

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How to Find Photography Clients, Part III – Finding Display Opportunities

A Public Display of Attention First, please excuse the bad pun! 🙂 But one of the best ways to bring attention to your photography business is to find public places where you can get your portraits featured. Public portrait displays are not as powerful as actually partnering with local businesses, as we talked about in…

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How to Find Photography Clients, Part II: Creating Partnerships

In last week’s article, we talked about setting the foundation for finding new photography clients, and we gave you a free workbook to help you get stared. This week, we’re going to dive in with the tactics behind the first new way to bring in clients… …Local partnerships! We mentioned a question in the last…

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How to Find Photography Clients, Part I: Setting the Foundation

We get a lot of questions from readers on the Hobby to Pro blog, Facebook page, and email list about different areas of creating a successful photography business. We realize that many of you have the same questions, so today, we’d like to start answering some of these questions right here on the blog! One…

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The Simplest Way to Build Your Photography Portfolio and Acquire Your First Clients

In the previous blog post, I spoke about how many photographers tend to spend the majority of their time working on their craft little time focusing on business activities. On the HTP Facebook page, a community member made a great point about why this happens: I myself intend on going pro but i don’t want…

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