Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions- Part 1

Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions: Part 1

Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions- Part 1
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to bring in clients whenever you want? Whether you’re looking to fill the quiet months or to just round out your schedule year‐round? But how do you do that without looking desperate or like you’re always running the same old sale?

As luck would have it, as I am writing this blog post I realize that Groundhog Day just passed. Why is this important? Am I hopeful for an early Spring or just a fan of the Bill Murray movie? Yes and yes, but it has even greater meaning for savvy marketers… more on that later.

First, let’s look at some ideas for ways to keep your schedule full with awesome photography clients.

Everyone runs an Easter and Christmas special, right?

Throughout the year, most photographers will run promotions around the big “blockbuster” holidays‐ Christmas, Easter, July 4th, etc. These holidays no doubt help fill our schedule and usually keep us busy from summer through fall and then up to the big holiday portrait push.

But what about the slow winter and early spring months? Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may not be able to do outdoor portraits during these seasons, so that can be one more obstacle to overcome. Here in Rhode Island, we can’t always count on April to be nice enough to plan a promotion for outdoors.

So, what’s Groundhog Day have to do with photography?

Since most serious photographers promote the major holidays, why not take a page from the auto dealers that use minor holidays as an excuse to devise a few creative promotions of our own to give clients a reason to call us when they may not be thinking about having portraits created?

We’re not going to yell and scream and use cheesy tactics to attract clients like some dealerships might, but we can still use the idea of taking some of the lesser known (or celebrated) holidays that the car guys use. After all, what does George Washington have to do with a Chevy Silverado?

Click here to take a look at a list of all holidays big and small. Pretty crazy, right? Many of these holidays I have never heard of and most people probably haven’t either. I personally would select the smaller holidays that people have at least some knowledge of to base a special upon. We can run fun little promotions around Groundhog Day or Presidents Day or St. Patrick’s Day just to name a few.

Know thy target market

Before you select holidays to create these promotions around, it’s important to first decide on your ideal client. Are you marketing to newborns, high school seniors or families? Let your target market help guide the best holiday for your special if possible. It might be that any client can be advertised to for our holiday special or it might be more specific like Mother’s day where we can plant the idea of children’s or families sessions as a gift for mom.

Is the goal of this special promotion to bring in clients for your main niche (Babies, Families, Seniors, etc.) or are you trying to attract clients for a secondary focus or area of the market that you want to get into?

This is the most important thing to nail down first. A more tightly focused marketing campaign will work better than a generic‐try‐to‐appeal‐to‐everyone type campaign.

Your Turn! Plan your promotional calendar

Get yourself a calendar. Look over the list of holidays and decide which holidays you will build your promotions around for say, the next six months.

In the next post, we’ll dive into how to actually create these promotions!

In the comments, let us know what holidays you chose.

Once you’re done, click here to read Part 2 to find out what type of session to offer!