Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions- Part 2

Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions: Part 2

Filling Your Calendar With Seasonal Photo Promotions- Part 2In our last post ,  we spoke about finding your target client and which holiday you will be basing your promotion on. Today, it’s time to determine the format for your special session.

What type of session should I offer when using a holiday tie in?

I like to break down the type of session into three different possibilities:

  1. A theme session tied to or based on the holiday itself
  2. A regular full length session (studio or Outdoor)
  3. A mini session (studio or outdoor). The same as #2 but with a reduced session time

Let’s look at the three choices in more detail:

#1 Themed Session

The theme session works well with some holidays more than others. You probably won’t have too many takers for portraits of kids dressed as groundhogs for Groundhog Day or Abe Lincoln for President’s Day, but people will like having their kids photographed in a field of flowers for May Day.

Levels of “Themeiness”

I not sure Themeiness is a real word but let’s look at how elaborate the theme is in relation to the prices charged.

In my experience, most people enjoy these quick little themed promotions, but most will not invest a great deal of money into these types of portraits in comparison to a more classic portrait. For example, if you are offering a Valentine session with a cloud set and putting little wings on the kids (I’m not making this up we did do this many years ago), people may want a few small prints at reasonable prices.

My usual rule of thumb is the more props that are involved, the less I can charge. That being said, it is not a bad thing to offer people fun little specials that bring them in your door and give you the chance to make them a client for your regular work. You will most likely want to offer special packages or prices on this little theme sessions.

Pro Tip- There are exceptions to the rule of the theme sessions. If you are taking this to another level art artistically (maybe using Painter and making this an Art piece) then you can possibly charge more for this than your regular work. This however, is getting into an area that I refer to as “Limited Edition” portraits and is a little more advanced.

#2 Regular Session

As the title suggest, this is simply offering your regular, full length session but possibly at a special session fee tied to the promotion. This gives potential clients a chance to experience your magic at a lower rate.

This may mean more work in the sense that each client may want something different from the previous client instead of just one set that is particular to the holiday theme. The good news is you can charge your regular prices or close to them.

Pro Tip- We don’t want to do this all the time or you will just train your clients to wait for a sale. However, it doesn’t hurt to do this occasionally under the banner of the holiday that you are promoting. Also, people will understand when it is an “off-season” promotion. Think of it as visiting Florida in January vs. July.

#3 Mini Session

The mini session is a chance for people to try you out in a reduced format. If your studio session is normally an hour with three outfit changes perhaps you offer 30 minutes and one outfit for this special. The plus is even though you are charging less you are giving less; it is possible for you to now do 2 thirty minute sessions in the span of what usually would be one session. Even with charging a little less you can still bring in the same amount or more. Winning!

Tying it all together

Which session type you choose will depend on the holiday or even what time of year it is in your area of the country. In New England where I am it is not practical to offer outdoor sessions (which are my favorite) between January – March (it’s just too cold and the trees are all bare).

Other times, holidays like Easter are just perfect for theme sessions for children. The kids and parents  love it.

Are you interested in offering a new area of photography along with your specialty?

Is there a type of session you want to do more of or want some additional practice to perfect your work? Then simply build your special around that area. If you want to do more beach portraits then get out there and advertise your  “July 4th Beach Spectacular.”

“What if I don’t have any images to advertise my special?”

If this is a new area then you might have to advertise for models so that you will have the appropriate photos to go with the offering.

Pro Tip- Facebook is a great place to run an ad for models. Just decide upfront if you will be giving a free bonus for participating or better yet just offer a special discount on your regular prices. This way you can get the images you need while still making some money.

A little planning can pay big dividends

The great thing is if the promotion goes over well this year you will have all the pieces in place for next year to offer the promotion again.

So now that you have a holiday in mind, select one of the three session types that works best and put together your first “minor” holiday promotion and start bringing in some clients.

Let us know in the comments what you have in mind!