Special Series: How to Bring In More Photography Clients [Step 1/5]

How to Choose a Photography Speciality You Love and that Clients Are Searching For Now

When I figured this simple strategy out, it made all the difference in taking me from zero to real photography business owner.

Since then, I have been able to set myself apart from the other photographers popping up in my area without ever having to worry about losing clients to the competitors.

It took about a year of trial and error and serious amounts of learning to figure out the business side of photography.

-Scott Sylvia
Founder, Hobby to Pro Photo

I didn’t want to be another fly-by-night photographer…I wanted to last and become the premium option!

So I figured out a system to book clients who I considered premium. Since then, I have helped thousands of clients preserve memories & milestones through my work…all who were willing to work with me at a premium price…

…Prices that allowed me to stay profitable and reach my goals.

Goals like working with clients I love (and who love working with me). Like setting my own schedule and being my own boss, living out a career that makes me want to jump out of bed each morning.

Goals like work from home or my very own studio, and having the financial flexibility to afford my hobbies and treating my family.

What would a successful business mean for you?

Whatever your definition of success is…we're here to help you achieve it!

This series is all about bringing in clients, but it may not go quite as you would expect...

You see, when you’re starting out, you need a plan & hyper-focus…that means spending your time on ONLY activities that will bring you your first CLIENTS.

And to get clients, you need to know WHAT you’re going to offer and WHO these clients are going to be.

So in this quick post, I'm going to show you how to start creating the foundation that will set you up to bring in a steady stream of awesome clients. Let's jump in!

To set yourself apart and attract the right clients, you need to become a specialist.

Please take out a piece of paper and jot down...

  • What areas are you most skilled in?
  • What areas are you most passionate about?
  • What areas are people in your area looking for?

The intersection of these three areas is your specialty

You want this speciality to become what you are KNOWN for.

Being known for something increases your demand, meaning you can charge a premium for being the "expert" in pet photography, or maternity portraits, or whatever your specialty is.

Here's an example for you:

When I started my business about 20 years ago, I decided to specialize in children’s portraiture. This what my diagram looked like:

  • Passion: my children were young, so I really enjoyed photographing children at the time
  • Skill: This is what I was able to practice most and became most comfortable with
  • Market Need: We knew a lot of people in the area (who knew a lot more people) with young children, since these were the circles we were currently in

Why having a specialty is really so important

I realize you may be thinking to yourself, "if I choose a specialty, won't this limit the amount of clients I can book? Don't I want to get everyone possible as a client in the beginning?"

This is a very valid questions, but here's my response:

Creating a specialty does not mean you only have to photography people who are looking for this specific type of photography. You can absolutely take other types of photography.

However, having one specialty just makes things so much easier for you to grow. Think about this:

  • You know what to advertise and who to advertise to
  • You know how to explain what you do
  • You can create pricing based off your expertise

Instead of just marketing to "everyone in a 5 mile radius," you can create messaging that reaches people specifically where they are right now.

What's more compelling to you... an ad for the restaurant where you can order pizza, pasta, burritos or falafel...whatever your heart desires! Or the ad for the Italian Pizzeria with the #1 pizza slice in town?

Doesn't the first ad make you feel like the restaurant might not know how to do a single dish perfectly, since they try to cover everything?

The same goes for your photography!

What if my area of passion is not in-demand or particularly profitable?

The only time I would suggest picking an area different from your passion is if you identify an area with a large demand in your community and you see an opportunity to step in to satisfy that demand.

Be sure it is at least an area that you enjoy, or you may quickly tire of it.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be your forever-specialty. You can always start here and over time transition into other areas of expertise over time.

Next steps to bringing in clients so you can get your photography business off the ground:

Remember: You can always experiment with different types of photography until you find the right fit.

You can also have Complementary Specialties - services that go well with your specialty. For example, if you want to specialize in children portraiture, you can also do newborns and seniors.

Or, if you want to specialize in weddings, it makes sense to also offer engagements and maternity.

Here's my challenge to you!

Go through the exercise we just outlined and determine your Specialty. Comment below with the choice you are most excited about.

Stay tuned... tomorrow, I'll email you the second step of the process to finding more clients!

One more thing:

I hope you found this valuable! We use to charge for this info, but I really want to make it easily accessible for you so you can begin making some real progress in getting your business launched.

Don't be afraid to take your time with answering the questions above. This is important stuff and if you put the effort in, you're going to find that it makes a big difference in bringing in more clients who are actually willing to pay a premium for your work!

Once you take action on this, I'm willing to be you are going to want more! And don't worry, I'll be sending three more pieces to this series to you this week. But if you're one of the small percentage of new photographers who are really serious about bringing in clients consistently so you can launch your own successful photography business, I have something you might really like:

It's called Passion to Profits Roadmap, and it's an online course that will take you through every step you need to know to get your photography business off the ground and set up for serious success.

If you'd like to find out more, just click here for all the details!

Chat soon,


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