Special Series: How to Build a Photography Client Base with Seasonal Promos [Step 5/5]

How to Launch Your Seasonal Promotion & Begin Booking Clients!

Congrats - you've made it to the final step! It's time to launch the promotion you've been planning out over the last four days. We have a special shortcut in store to help you get it done.

Now, I realize that the idea of actually launching your promotion can be scary.

"What if nobody calls?" "What if this promotion flops?"

-Scott Sylvia
Founder, Hobby to Pro Photo

If you feel this way, know that you are not alone! This is a very common fear.

My goal is this series will help you feel more prepared and confident in your promotion. By using the steps outline in the lasts posts, you will have a much better chance at success.

But what about creating your promotional materials? You likely aren't a graphic designer, so what are you to do about creating flyers, postcards, Facebook ad images, etc?

What else is left? Here's a quick look at the other t0-do's:

  • Create the promotion materials
  • Distribute materials
  • Setup and promote Facebook ads
  • Book the sessions when potential clients call / email
  • Run the sessions

Phew! I know, this might not sound easy.

But don't fear - I have a shortcut to help you pull this all together and get this promotion off the ground so you can begin booking clients in no-time!

I know these final tasks seem very overwhelming for most photographers, so I have good news-

We have a solution to help you get all that done without spending hours upon hours creating designs and crafting sales messaging!

If you are one of the small percentage of readers who really want to get a leg up on the competition and create a promotion that attracts awesome clients, I have something you're going to love...

It’s called the Seasonal Promos Made Easy Kit, and it’s a pre-created promotion toolbox that you can use out of the box!

We are releasing one of these Seasonal Promo Kits per season so that you can literally download the toolbox, customize the materials for your own business, and launch a successful promotion within just minutes. All the templates are created by professional graphic designers and include sales copy so you don't have to worry about any of the tough stuff.

This is going to save you hours upon hours and a whole lot of stress that goes into crafting a photography promotion - this way, you can spend more time on what you love - the photography! Click here if you’d like to learn more.

There is a catch - we need to close enrollment soon to ensure you have enough time to customize your templates and get this promo off the ground. So you'll want to get on this quick!

Talk soon,