The Key to A Successful Photography Business (Hint: It’s not your camera skills)

PIN photography-business-successThe hardest part of transitioning from a hobby photographer to a professional photographer is well, doing the hard stuff that makes a business run.

Most of us have no problem practicing for hours on end – working on our lighting, trying different angles to improve composition, putting our kids or friends to work to improve our posing and photography techniques.

But who wants to spend time learning how to sell and market our services? That’s not much fun to many creatives, and definitely not why we fell in love with photography.

Being a professional photographer does of course means that you have to hone your skills and get your craft down. People are paying you good money for you to know what you’re doing, and part of being a professional is being able to consistently produce quality work for people.

However, without getting comfortable with business activities, you will never be able to make a living from your work.

My Photography has gotten pretty, pretty good. Now what?

Once you achieve the required level of proficiency, there is still the other side of the photography business – learning how to run professional studio.

I’ve seen photographers start studios that were immensely gifted artists, but had no business sense, so they quickly went out of business.

On the other hand, there’s always the photographer that knows how to make a lot of money and bring in plenty of clients, yet when you look at their photographs, you’re not all that impressed.

It may seem unfair, but the photographers with the business savvy and knowledge will win in the end.

Our goal with Hobby to Pro Photo is to help you with that business part. Even when your best images are prominently displayed on your website for all the world to see, it’s not going to be enough to make the phone ring.

You need to know how to market and promote yourself so that people know where to go to find your awesome images!

Just imagine how you can set the world on fire if you have excellent photography along with the marketing and sales knowledge to bring in the right clients.

Remember, it’s called a photography business. You need to put in the same amount (or at least close to it) of study into both the photography and the business to find the success and freedom you dream of.

Learn to love marketing and sales

If you’re ready to get a successful photography business off the ground, it’s time to shift your perspective on marketing and sales. Begin to think of them as fun- after all, making money is fun, right?

Both marketing and sales can actually be very interesting. They are going to separate you from the amateurs and help make you a comfortable living doing what you love.

Don’t just drift along putting this off, doing just the photo stuff and finding reasons (excuses) why you don’t have time to study the business side.

Get started with this exercise:

Go over to and search for a highly rated marketing or sales book and order the one that sounds most interesting to you. I even have a few suggestions to get you pointed in the right direction from my previous post.

Now instead of watching TV for a half hour, find a quiet place and start going through the book. Highlight or mark ideas that you can implement.

Do this just 2 or 3 times a week, and in a couple of months, you will be far ahead of those following the path of least resistance.

Most importantly, make sure that you take action on the ideas you mark. “Knowledge without application is like a book that is never read” — Christopher Crawford

In the next article, we talk about the #1 easiest marketing strategy for getting your first clients. You’ll definitely want to check that out, here.

But first, leave a comment below with any questions you have about marketing, or ideas you’d like to share with the community!