So, you're ready to launch your photography business. Congrats!

This is a very exciting step in the journey to becoming a professional photographer. However, there's a lot that goes into setting up a business. It's not just the fun "business" stuff, like handing out business cards and creating a logo... you've got to bring in real clients and make sales!

I know how scary this can be and how big of a challenging getting your business of the ground can seem. Since you've selected the launch-your-photo-biz "adventure" route, we will be sending you our best tips and resources for doing just that, straight to your email.

To help you get started, below are a few things you can jump into right away to get a head-start!

First, figure out what stage of photography you are at!

Whether you’re just starting out or having been photographing for years, it can be helpful to identify and understand what stage of the process you’re at. This allows you to better understand what has to be done in order to work your way up to the next level of success as a photographer.

Click here to find out which of the five stages you fall into! 

Next, check out some articles to get ready to launch!

Finally, let us know what you're most excited about!

Introduce yourself to the HTP community in the comments below! This page is especially for hobby photographers who are looking to launch their photography businesses and go professional, so everyone here is in a similar place (you are not alone! 🙂 Share your story and say hi to other awesome photographers!

Hi! I'm Scott, the Founder of Hobby to Pro Photo. Together with my wife Barbara, I own and operate Scott Sylvia Photography in Warren, Rhode Island. I’ve been running the studio as my full-time career since 1996. I specialize in portraits of high school seniors, children and families, as well as pets.